Print media

Here are some posters and other print media that I have made!

Material for Turku BioImaging. Turku BioImaging had two signature colors, blue and back. In the first image, there are new business cards designed for Turku BioImaging 2016. They are matte black, with a blue edge print. Additionally the back side has black spot UV layer to give high gloss effect.

The second image is a post card size advertisement for a bioimage exhibition, that was opened at the same time with an annual Biocity Symposium 2016. These postcards were distributed around the city, in cafes, libraries and book shops. It was the most effective advertisement for the event.

In the third image, there is a conference program booklet for an international Global BioImaging meeting in Bangalore, India. You can see the whole program here. 


Material for Key Ensemble. Key Ensemble is a semi-professional choir from Turku and has claimed a position as one of the most interesting top choirs in Finland. The first two posters are from the series of country house concerts in Western Finland. They have been designed so that the background patterns stays the same, just changes the color. The flowers are following a similar theme.

The third poster is from the spring concerts of Key Ensemble. The image in the background was originally a regular photo, but it was edited to look like an impressionist painting. This poster was also edited to two 2m wide banners that were attached to bridges crossing the river down town.